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Lime 2D Tile Engine

Library for creating 2D tile-based games with Corona SDK.

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Welcome to Lime.

Lime is a library originally written by Graham Ranson that allows Corona SDK game developers to use tile maps created with Tiled.

! ! ! W A R N I N G ! ! !

Lime is in a state where it will be very (I can't stress that enough) frustrating to anyone but an intermediate-advanced Corona dev. Beginners should steer clear of it. The changes made to the Corona framework in the last several months have made Lime unusable without at least some tweaking.

Lime was first, but there are now other tiling engines that have more features and are faster in operation. Dusk is open source, full-featured, and fast. Check it out of you want a tiling engine to use, not work on.


The original set of tutorials are online at Outlaw Game Tools and will be joined by new tutorials in the near future.

Watch for this change in the original tutorials: In the new version of Lime you copy the Lime folder (called lime, all lowercase) into your project folder. Then you include it in your project with this line in main.lua:

lime = require("lime.lime")

Making Lime Better

There are now faster tile engines than Lime available for Corona SDK developers. If you would like to help make Lime faster, while still retaining as many current features as possible, here's what to do: [contact info here]

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